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Joern, born and raised in Bonn/ Germany, starts banging on pots and boxes and thus receives the famous „Walt Disney“ Drumset at the age of 5. Within the next years he bashes the hell out of his tiny Kit justifying the need for lessons at the age of 10.
After various gigs with local bands and studio-experiences he gets his first professional job at the age of 17, followed by studying at the Drummers Institute, Germany.
In 2004 after just turning 20 Joern decided to relocate from Cologne to Hamburg. He spent his first years in Hamburg studying at the Conservatory of Hamburg and playing many shows and tours with a variety of different bands all over Germany and founded his remote recording studio „ drumdubs drumrecording“.
Today Joern has played with a variety of national and international Artists, toured europe several times, played in front of 1.000.000 people at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin and has recorded a bunch of different Albums and Filmscores.

Cher I Empty Trash I Max Buskohl I Caro Emerald I  Carl Carlton I JR Backmore I Georg auf Lieder I Vanilla Ninja I Percival I Circus I Toastar I Rene Nocon I Alster Radio 106!8 Band I Three Chord Society I MisterME I Tadday I DJ Fahrhot I Kolja I Blaswerk I Ich jetzt Täglich I the belle alliance I emmy moll I Geronimo I Jona I granada74 I der Rest I JLJ I MR. B & the HotBoys I K.I.N.C.H. I disgrade I Herr Olson I Fried Bauer I Steffi Hempel I Cargo I powercord sofasystem I Manuel Preuß I Quarter I almost famous club I Kiezlive I Anke Freese I Halfpennies I der Musicboy and many others…