LoFi Setup - 49€* -
- includes 4 Drumtracks of choice  
no take revisions available
multi track delivery immediately after full payment
- maximum track length 4min

Budget Setup - 99* -
- includes 8 Drumtracks of choice 
- 1 custom drum take per song
- 1 take revision is free of charge
multi track delivery immediately after full payment
- maximum track length 5min

Regular Setup - 149€* -
- includes 16 Drumtracks of choice
- 2 custom drum takes per song
- 2 take revisions are free of charge
- multi track delivery immediately after full payment

Custom Setup
You want me to track Drums and Cymbals separately? 
You want me to record on a Tape Machine?
You need complex Arrangements of layered Drum Tracks and want the full Package of Drum Tracks with Trigger Signals, Percussion Overdubs and Single Shots?
Everything is possible!  
Just get in contact and get a quote of your ideal Drum Recording Solution

* plus VAT


- Percussion Tracks for your Song (starts at 49€*)

- Small Percussion Overdubs for your Song (starts at 19€*)

- Drums/ Percussion Loops (starts at 39€*)

- Drum Programmings (starts at 39€*)

- Single Shots and individual Hits for sampling and editing ( 19€*)

- Midi Drums (starts at 49€*)

- Midi Trigger Signals of all close mics (19€*)

- processed Stems (29€*)

- Mixdown and Mastering of your Drumtrack (starts at 49€*)

- Drum Editing (starts at 39€*)

- Your Session filmed in HD (starts at 19€*)

- sample Library for your Track (starts at 99€*)

* plus VAT


You have a certain drummer in mind or want to play the drums yourself?
You can rent the Drumdubs studio with or without an Engineer.
Just send an email and book a session.

You will get:
- 6 different Kits and 18 different Snares
- Use of the Drumdubs recording Gear
- up to 18 Drumtracks of choice
- Midi Trigger Signals of all close mics
- Stereomix and all 16 Mono Tracks on DVD


Discounts are given for bigger projects if all the tracks are done in one go.
Feel free to ask for special quotes for full album projects, EPs or packages!