...next Session is done!

Recording great Rock Songs is always fun!
...next Session is done and these three fellas have done a great job adding some authentic 90s grunge flavour during that Session...
What would be your favourite Snare sound at Drumdubs?

14x04" VMS Maple Snare

The Drumdubs Snare Rig was updated with an awesome 14x04" VMS Maple Snare!

This Snare will be your favourite Choice if you´re looking for a " Questlove" Snaresound on your Track at Drumdubs Drumrecording.


...the first Drumdubs Sessions in 2017 are finished and we can await to record drums for your upcoming new song!

By the end of this month drumdubs is offering discounts.
Get 10% Off on our LoFi and Budget Setups or 20% Off on our regular Setup if yo´re booking your Session until March 31st.

Feel free to get in touch and get a quote today!

Who has the nicest `fro behind the Kit?

I´m really happy to announce that from now on the Drumdubs Studio is officially supported by Muffkopf!
These Beater Covers are changing the sound of a Bassdrum within seconds, producing a really nice muffled vintage Sound for your Session at drumdubs.de.
It´s always fun to experiment and play with a Muffkopf and a big thanks goes out to Thorsten Reeß and Muffkopf for supporting Drumdubs!